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BIRTH FLOWER: Lily of the Valley

It seems like the month of April came and went, as we’ve all been sheltering in place wondering when the world will get back to normal again. However, while social distancing measures have continued to make people feel upended, I’ve noticed a lot of silver linings within this pandemic watching communities come together and businesses quickly shift gears to serve the greater good. For me here in Lake Tahoe, it’s been comforting knowing that while we may be coping with our own unique struggles in adapting to a new normal that we’re not alone, and one way or another we’ll all get through this.

Which is why I think now is an especially good time to treat yourself (or a loved one) to something pretty in your life, like maybe a piece of jewelry that adds a bit of luxury and solace to help get through this time. I’ve found myself wearing more rings lately, and it’s easy for me to gaze into unique gemstones such as amber citrine or ruby desert rose, getting mesmerized in its beauty like how basketball player Kevin Garnett felt when he got his hands on that rock in Uncut Gems. (I bet him and Adam Sandler would appreciate a nice pair of Julia Szendrei cufflinks).

Now that the weather has warmed up around here, I’ve found that I’ve also started to paddleboard more frequently in the emerald blue waters of Lake Tahoe, and the emerald gemstone also so happens to be the birthstone of May. Symbolizing values of loyalty, faithfulness, and friendship, emerald is one of the Earth’s most precious natural gifts and reflected in pieces such as the Emerald Gemstone Charm Necklace which I believe looks great when paired with these 14-carat gold crescent Moon Studs.

Along with May’s vivacious emerald birthstone is the fragrant Lily of the Valley birth flower, its delicate bowing white bells symbolizing sweetness and humility. The hand-drawn and lovingly stamped Lily of the Valley Charm Necklace can make a thoughtful gift to someone with a May birthday, maybe matched with a floating silver pearl.

I know that we’re still in unsettling times right now, but it’s just even more of a reason to constantly be grateful for what we have, practice kindness, and continuously look on the bright side.

And call your mother…as they say, social distancing rules do not apply to checking in on your mom every once in a while.

Be well, stay safe, and stay positive!


The message this month is about working through fears and making room for a new self.

It takes 21 days to create a habit and we are being asked to invent ourselves in ways that are constructive, confident and strong. We are also being asked to be conscious of our thoughts. Start practicing daily affirmations to create a new mindset and a new life.


This message comes from our good friend Alyssa Cook, crystalcure@gmail.com

Drop her a note and get in something intuitive happening this month!

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April: In These Crazy Times We Live In, Here Are Some Gemstones That Relieve Stress

As you most likely know, the world has shifted greatly in the last few weeks to help curb the spread of coronavirus. This new reality has left everyone working out of their pajamas, homeschooling their kids, staying six feet away from their loved one, and oddly enough, buying a bunch of toilet paper. This whole unsettling time left us wanting to dive deeper into the question:

Can gemstone jewelry relieve stress and anxiety?

The answer is, yes. The Gemisphere shares that therapeutic gemstones like rhodonite soothes symptoms of emotional stress, amethyst helps balance those roller coaster-like highs and lows, and citrine releases tension from your mind, body, and soul, allowing you to let go of those negative thoughts a little easier.

Some of the styles that support these notions and help me relax a bit when I see them are the Amethyst Gemstone Charm Necklace (made in the USA and comes with a complimentary 2” extender) and the powerful Amber Citrine Desert Rose Ring in the birthstone collection.

But let’s not forget about the power that the April birthstone and flower bring to the table this month, the diamond and the daisy. Subtly strong yet compassionate, bright, and illuminating, both of these serve as the perfect beginning to spring as they open up and shine when introduced to natural light.

Some of my favorite complements to this month’s theme include the Large Diamond Ring Stack and Daisy + Diamond Necklace.


April’s alternative gemstones are considered to be any transparent rock, such as the quartz (which also carries therapeutic properties). Fortunately, Julia creates many incredible translucent gemstone necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more that help boost balance and mindfulness, often promoting them through exclusive emails to her subscribers (sign up at the bottom of her homepage and get 10% off your first order).

No matter what you’re feeling right now, just remember that we’re all in this together and each one of us is dealing with our own unique challenges.

I find that practicing The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (especially #1- don’t take anything personally) helps me get through this time, as well as wearing beautiful jewelry (even if I’m just wearing it with my yoga pants or pajamas). In conclusion, may you stay sane, practice kindness, and keep washing your hands!


Smell the flowers! See the Beauty! Sit in appreciation for the blessings that are all around you. This months message is about KINDNESS. Find simple was to pay it forward to others. A smile, a wave, lending a helping hand, these small gestures may take a simple amount of your time but can mean a great deal to the person receiving this blessing. Community support will also be hit this month so be open to finding ways to step our of your comfort and are a difference in your city, town or neighborhood!

This message comes from our good friend Alyssa Cook, crystalcure@gmail.com

Drop her a note and get in something intuitive happening this month!

BIRTHSTONE: Aquamarine


Charles Dickens describes the month of March perfectly in Great Expectations when he writes, “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

March is definitely a month for one thing remains a constant- layering your clothing. The forecast is always calling for sweater weather with a slight chance of tank tops, wear mittens and a beanie in the morning but prepare to strip down in the afternoon. And anything matched with March’s birthstone and birth flower colors- aquamarine and daffodil- seem to complement any kind of outfit in any type of climate.

March’s cerulean blue birthstone, the aquamarine, invokes a calm and peaceful presence while bringing on prosperity, intuition, and luck. Its birth flower counterpart is the bright and shining daffodil symbolizing intense and unparalleled love, hope, and rebirth.

This light and airy, cold and sunny, sassy and sweet spring combination between the aquamarine and cheerful daffodil offers a lovely balance that eases one right into spring.

If you’re looking for March-inspired jewelry to adorn your outfits, some of my favorite necklaces that accent a spring look are the Aqua Chalcedony Charm Necklace, a strikingly simple serene blue piece that can perhaps be paired with the daffodil-tinted Yellow Sapphire Tiny Heart Pendant. A set of Bumblebee Jasper Lule Rings interchanged with the Mexican Turquoise Lule Rings also bring out those bright notes of daffodil and aquamarine. However, any Julia Szendrei jewelry that is handmade, 100 percent personally sourced natural gemstones add a unique style and vividness to your normal routine, no matter what your mood is or what the weather is looking like that day.

And don’t forget that March 17th is also St. Patrick’s Day. Since I don’t want you to get pinched, please consider picking up a youthful-looking Chrysoprase Ceremony Bracelet to wear while you’re out on the town socializing and celebrating your inner Irish spirit.

May this March bring you peace, luck, and prosperity!

Just like the English Romantic poet John Keats believing that daffodils bring forever joy, sailors of the high seas used to believe that drinking water soaked in an aquamarine gem helped cure liver, heart, and stomach diseases (it also gives ode to Neptune, the Greek god who was the protector of the seas).


Invite the beautiful greenery of March into your heart for vitality and strength. This month can herald many unexpected changes so stay buoyant as the month begins. Invite those beautiful grounding crystals into your heart to keep you anchored and strong.

March is also a month of projects so get going on your todo list for the year!

No better time than the present!

This message comes from our good friend Alyssa Cook, crystalcure@gmail.com

Drop her a note and get in something intuitive happening this month!