About the Cufflinks!

Custom cut and set within stunning sterling silver, our cufflinks are the ideal addition to any jewelry box. Traditionally worn by men, today’s exquisite selection of blue opal cufflinks works equally well on both males and females. 

The custom cut of Australian boulder opal ensures Julia Szendrei cufflinks are truly a one-of-a-kind gift; chosen with the recipient in mind. Featuring a bullet back and toggle closure, cufflinks offer a functional and stylish option for people of all ages. Worn either on shirt sleeves, jacket cuffs or even collars, cufflinks can enhance any outfit and are perfect in both formal and informal setting. 

Entirely set in sterling silver, this stylish backdrop complements the mesmerizing color of the opal gemstone and showcases its natural properties perfectly. Both effortlessly chic and highly durable, Julia Szendrei cufflinks make for a long-lasting and treasured gift.

Jewelry is a beloved gift, no matter the occasion. As a wearable memento, it is both highly functional, exquisitely ornate and undeniably memorable. When you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a jewelry lover, our custom-cut cufflinks area unique and irreplaceable addition to any collection.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional gift for a male loved one, a contemporary gift for a woman in your life or you simply want to treat yourself to something special, our spectacular cufflinks tick every box.