all of the Lule Rings are adjustable! No ring size required!

About the Rings!

Our handmade rings ensure a perfect fit and a style that complements your unique personality. From diamond ring stacks and copper ridges to mystical minerals and talisman rings; you can embody your inner spirit when you opt for a custom ring. 

Crafted especially for you, Julia Szendrei rings are available in a range of sizes and cuts. Large rhodochrosite lule rings are ideal for when you want to make a statement with your jewelry, as are our large tear aquamarine rings and our large chrysocolla rings, which carry the subtle shades of the ocean in all their green and blue hues.

Alternatively, for a more subtle addition to your jewelry collection, you can modify any of our handmade rings with smaller stones and minerals. The talisman stone, polished flat, in our notch rings is ideal as a meaningful yet stylish gift, while our kyanite desert rose ring uses a bolero setting to showcase the trichroic blue stone at its finest. 

If you want to gift a ring to a family member, friend or loved one but you’re unsure of their ring size, there’s no need to worry. Our exceptional range includes a number of adjustable rings that can easily be modified to fit any hand. For inspiration, take a look at aquamarine and sandstone lule ring, rhodochrosite lule rings and chrysocolla rings now. 

Whether you opt for a mineral, gemstone, gold or silver ring, you can be sure it will bring a smile to the wearer at every opportunity. 

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